Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TWD: Translucent Maple Tuiles

These cookies are way too much fun.

Busy times here, what with holidays, birthdays, landscaping decisions, quilt meetings, and, oh yes, income-producing projects. No rest for the wicked at this house.

My maple syrup sat out on the counter for two days straight before I could make my little half-batch of cookie dough. (Yes, I did put it back into the fridge at night.)

Today I had a few minutes between projects and lunch, so I set to work making marble-sized balls of dough. I've made tuiles before, so I didn't put too many at once on the cookie sheet.

First, they spread. Second, there is only so much room on the rolling pin to place the hot cookies, and once they are ready to mold, you have to work quickly. I used an empty wine bottle as a backup.

Cute little guys.

Ever so photogenic.

The scientist in me noted an interesting outcome. The tuiles that were baked on the Silpat had a much finer texture than those baked on parchment. It's a noticeable difference. Must have something to do with heat conduction. Pretty cool, anyway.

The cookies were quickly gobbled up, plain, or with accompaniments. (Leftover cherry vanilla ice cream from yesterday's quilt meeting.)

Thanks, Clivia, for some enjoyable baking. Stop by her blog, Bubie’s Little Baker, for the recipe. The other TWD bakers had quite the time with these airy cookies.


Kayte said...

Wow, yours are the best I have really got the lacey bit down just right. Gorgeous. We loved them, too!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Truly scrumptious! Save me one--I'll be right over--(I wish)

Mary said...

Oh, I like the holey ones! Are they the ones from the Silpat or the parchment, I wonder. i used both too, but I can't remember--I think I'm blocking the whole experience!