Friday, April 27, 2012

BBB Buddy: Granville Island Beer Bread

Well, Blogger picked a fine time to change its format.  

Being pressed for time (massive project deadline and a trip out of town), this will be a short post.  When I return, I will flesh it out.

This month's hostess for Bread Baking Babes was Natashya, who chose Granville Island Beer Bread, with extra points for using a Canadian beer.   See below:   

A mighty tasty beer, it is, too.

For the sausage component, I used a spinach, fontina, and roasted garlic chicken sausage, and for the cheese, Quattro Formaggiio:   

The bread turned out fabulous, with a wonderful oven spring.

I froze one loaf, mainly because I don't need to eating everything at once, and believe me, if it's available, I will eat it.   So, now, I have something to look forward to.

Thanks to Natashya for a delicious challenge.  Stop by her blog for the recipe and to visit the sites of the other Bread Baking Babes.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TWD: Blood Orange Loaf Cake

This episode of Baking with Julia was supposed to feature a lemon loaf cake, but after reading some of the comments on the blog, my perverse side kicked in. While I could have used lemons, either regular or Meyer, I chose blood oranges, freshly picked from my backyard tree. I have lemon trees, too, so there were choices to be made.

One other change I made to the recipe was to rub the zest into the s
ugar before adding the wet ingredients. This really intensifies the flavor by infusing the sugar with the citrus. I highly recommend it.

From that point on, I followed the recipe exactly.

The cake baked for 60 minutes.

The end result was a light, moist, citrus-y cake that was really delicious. The top had a sugary crust, so it really didn't need any additional amendments.

On the down side, I wasn't too thrilled with the tunneling, but it didn't affect the flavor whatsoever. I'll just remember not to over-fold the next time I make it.

I might even try a lemon version, although I have to say the blood orange one was exceptional.

Our hosts this time were Truc of
Treats and Michelle of The Beauty of Life. Stay tuned for May's offerings.

Stop by the Leave Your Link site to read the other comments.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What letter is this?

In less than a month, my quilt guild will be holding their biannual Quilt Show.

One of the fun events is our quilt challenge. For this show, the theme is "Pick A Letter, Any Letter."

The inspiration came from a quilt exhibit I had seen in Seattle in 2004 where quilters from the US, France, and Japan chose letters from the alphabet and creatively expressed those letters in quilts. I thought it was a wonderful challenge concept and was pleased that it was chosen for our 2012 show.

As a guild member, I'm also entering a regular quilt. Trying to fit quilting in with work and baking is a challenge in itself, and I managed to do just one. The fabrics have the feel of Provence. I quilted each little panel differently and embellished one section with gold beads. The tassels were added in honor of the recipient.

A recipient, I might add, who didn't want the quilt.


Guess that happens sometimes.

So, now it's mine to do with as I please.

Thanks to my dear neighbor (who receives many a baked goodie from me) for being my quilt holder.

Stay tuned. The next post will return to food, namely Italian Sage Bread.