Monday, May 16, 2022

Pan Gallego



Cathy of Bread Experience was our Kitchen of the Month, and her choice was Pan Gallego, or Galician Rye Bread.  Galician breads are known for the distinctive top-knot.  While Cathy’s recipe was sourdough-based, I searched for a yeast version, and found one in The Foods and Wines of Spain, by Penelope Casas.  (At the moment, I don’t have an active starter, and, to be honest, I probably won’t for awhile, since I’ve cut back on breadbaking and the waste (for me) involved with maintaining a viable starter.)

The recipe I used still required a three-day preparation, so you have to plan in advance.  It is also a lower hydration, stiffer dough.  It is a blend of bread flour, rye flour, and cornmeal, and, even though the crumb is finer than its sourdough cousin, it is still a delicious bread, especially when toasted with butter and homemade strawberry jam on top.


You can find Cathy’s adaptation of Pan Gallego on her blog, and you can visit the other Babe’s websites to see how their versions turned out.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

BWD: Asparagus Lemon Quiche



For the first May recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie, I made the Asparagus Lemon Quiche.  I added fresh asparagus to my weekly veggie delivery box, so it made this an effortless bake.  Each bite had a refreshing pop of lemon from the minced lemon slice that was scattered on the bottom of the quiche shell before the filling was poured in.  This quiche is equally delicious warm or cold, and leftovers made for quick meals on busy days.




Tuesday, April 26, 2022

BWD: French Riviera Lemon Tart



I love anything made from lemons, and this tart is like lemon meringue pie on steroids, but without the meringue.  It has a super lemony flavor, especially with fresh lemons from my backyard tree.  I rubbed the lemon zest into the sugar before adding the rest of the ingredients to help intensify the flavor.  

The tart crust is both divine and easy to make, and I’m so glad that both the crust and the filling use olive oil.  It’s my oil of choice, followed closely by avocado oil.  I did pass the lemon filling through a strainer before putting it in the tart shell.  This makes it velvety smooth and eliminates any errant egg whites that have snuck in and been cooked in the process.

I just wanted this to be a never-ending lemon tart, so you can bet that I’ll be making it again.


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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Ukrainian thin pancakes -- mlyntsi


For the April challenge, Elizabeth, of Blog from OUR Kitchen, asked the Babes to make buckwheat blini, Mlyntsi, also known as Ukrainian thin pancakes.  Unlike crepes or pancakes, mlyntsi are leavened by yeast with added lightness from whipped egg white.  Since I didn’t have any idea how to serve them, I just ate them straight out of the pan.  Sort of like potato chips where you can’t stop at one.  Not a bad snack, really.  

Elizabeth provided two ways to make the batter, one using yeast, and the other using sourdough starter.  I opted for the yeast version, and all went smoothly.  After reading the other blog posts, I have some idea how to fill and serve them for the next time.

For the leftover buckwheat flour, I know of a good cookie recipe. . . .

Stop by Elizabeth's blog and choose one of the recipe versions to try.

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