Monday, August 16, 2021

Hot Rocks



The Babes are certainly an adventurous group of bread bakers.  Take the August challenge, for example.  This recipe required a trip to the hardware store/garden center to purchase a container of rocks.  One more baking tool in the Babes’ arsenal.


Elizabeth, of Blog from OUR Kitchen, was the Kitchen of the Month for August, and she was excited to have everyone bake Naan Sangak, or Persian Pebble Bread. 

This is a basic naan flatbread that is baked on a bed of very hot stones in either the oven, or on a grill.   


The dough can be leavened with either yeast or sourdough starter.  I opted for the yeast version and used a recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi from Master Class.  It was a great dough to work with and baked up nicely.


However, contrary to common knowledge, the bread did not release from the stones after baking.  There were a few stones that clung to the bread for dear life, having to be pried from the underside of the naan, but this baker was victorious in removing them.


This was a flavorful bread, easy to prepare, and fun to bake and eat, especially with the toasted nigella seeds on top.


If you visit Elizabeth’s blog, you can find the detailed recipe and a lovely story behind this interesting bread.  Then, head out to your local garden store for some smooth stones, and have a good time baking along with us.  Send Elizabeth your story by the 29th to be included in the roundup and get a Buddy Badge for Naan Sangak.


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