Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TWD: Birthday Cake Rewind

With all the holiday baking recently, you'd think there would be no more room (or desire) for another dessert. In addition to the holidays, most of the family and friend birthdays happen in December. Talk about dessert overload!

Luckily, I was remiss on my extra baking this month. I only managed to do what was required for each baking group I follow. In a way, that's sad, because I rarely get to bake the traditional family favorites anymore; but, on the plus side, we are not inundated with sweet things.

This last Tuesdays with Dorie challenge (gosh, it's the last one for 2010, too!) was a Rewind. I gave this a lot of thought, trying to decide what to make.

Finally, because of all the December birthdays, I chose to make the Cocoa-Buttermilk Birthday Cake from last January. At that time, I made the Tarte Tatin instead of the cocoa cake, so I thought it was high time I baked it.

As a nod to the season and abundance of desserts, I halved the recipe and made cupcakes.

Cupcakes and I don't always get along, so I am very pleased to announce that these cupcakes came out beautifully. The flavor of this cake is wonderful and moist. It's definitely a cake I will make again.

The frosting is a 7-minute one, using the leftover egg white. These cupcakes are so versatile that any icing will work, which is just as well since I was informed by my daughter that 7-minute icing is not one of her favorites. Who knew?

She did, however, rave about the cake.

I suspect some TWDers are baked out; some may be stranded in the blizzard; and some may be too busy with holiday events, but there
should be a few of us die-hard TWD bakers posting today, so it's still worth a visit to see what everyone baked.

Now, it's on to the New Year!


Engineer Baker said...

We are the die-hard TWDers, aren't we? Crazy to think we've been baking together for so long! Good idea to make these into cupcakes, and the 7 minute icing looks perfect and fluffy.

Cindy said...

Great choice. Glad they made good cupcakes, I struggle with cupcakes too. My DIL is on her way here with her new baby. It's her birthday tomorrow and she loves chocolate. Maybe I will make this cake! Have a Happy New Year!

Chats the Comfy Cook said...

Love this as cupcakes. They are calling my name.

Welcome to our crazy blessed life said...

Great idea to make this as cupcakes. I made this one last January for my husbands birthday. Your cupcakes look delicious!

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

Yummy! I think I missed this one, but your cupcakes are screaming at me to try them! Guess I'll be making this one soon! :)

TeaLady said...

What a good idea to make cuppys with this recipe. So much easier to frost than that hube, but beautiful and delicious, cake. Look cute withe the little sprinkls on top.

Jacque said...

Mmmm, I don't think I could turn one of these down. They look heavenly.

I need to make this cake too, I'll have to remember the cupcake version.

Hindy said...

I remember what a moist and tasty cake this was. Cupcakes is a great variation. Glad they were enjoyed!

Leslie said...

What a great recipe to pick! I also opted for the tarte tatin and would love to make the cake. Cupcakes are always a good idea when faced with dessert overload!