Monday, September 24, 2012

BBB Buddy: Molasses Fennel Rye Bread

Here we are at the end of September and I see that very little has been posted on this blog.  I truly have been baking, just not posting.   I attribute this lack to an overload of work and hot weather.  It's difficult to concentrate on anything when the inside of your house is 90 degrees.   All the work doesn't help, either.  For some reason, I feel obligated to meet my deadlines, so, in the meantime, other tasks fall by the wayside.   

Baking bread, however, never gets put aside. 

This month, Elizabeth, from the Bread Baking Babes, chose this scrumptious bread for the group.  I had all ingredients on hand, although, upon inspection, I did need to buy a fresh jar of wheat germ.  Taking Natashya's advice, I used my stand mixer to make the dough, so the whole process was a breeze.

I've been munching away on this bread for several days now.  I love the molasses flavor and the sweetness that the raisins provide.  I used golden raisins, and it occurred to me that adding some toasted nuts might add some texture and that little bit of something extra.  I've also spread the slices with some homemade apple butter, which pairs well with either plain butter or cheese.

I do believe that the bread-baking events are my favorite ones at the moment, especially with my limited free-time schedule.  Perhaps if my workload decreases ever so slightly, I can write about the goodies I have been making in the last month or so.   For now, this will have to do.  

On tap next is World Bread Baking Day.  Deciding what to bake is always challenging and fun.

Thanks to all the Babes for letting me bake along this month.  For the recipe, head over to any of their blogs.  This bread is definitely well worth making.