Thursday, August 28, 2008

SHF #46: Chocolate Meringue Cookies

In 1965 I received a cookbook for Christmas. It was the Joy of Cooking, 1964 edition. I’ve used it as a reference and as a starting point for many recipes, and, over the years, several specific recipes have become favorites.

When I have only a couple of leftover egg whites, I know exactly which recipe I’ll use them in: Chocolate Cracker Kisses. I don’t waste the egg whites, and I get to use a secret ingredient, as you shall see.

The theme for this month’s Sugar High Friday was late in coming, so, I figured I would miss out since I had to take a short trip out of town. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the deadline had been extended, so I would have a chance to share this favorite meringue cookie.

Chocolate Cracker Kisses

2/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips, or 1 ounce unsweetened chocolate plus ¼ cup sugar

2 egg whites

¼ teaspoon vanilla

¼ teaspoon cream of tartar

2/3 cup sugar

3 tablespoons crushed, salted soda crackers (saltines)

Preheat the oven to 350°F.

Melt the chocolate over hot water ( or over direct heat if you are watchful). Cool for about 5 minutes.

Beat the egg whites until foamy, then add the cream of tartar. Continue beating until nearly stiff, then add the vanilla and the sugar (gradually) until the mixture is very stiff. Gently fold in the crushed crackers and the cooled melted chocolate. Drop the meringue dough, a teaspoonful at a time, onto a well-greased or parchment-lined cookie sheet. Bake about 10 to 12 minutes. The cookies will have a glazed cap on top. Remove from oven and cool on a rack. Store in a tightly closed container.

This should make about 60 1-inch kisses, unless you spoon out larger amounts like I did. ; ) I only got 30, but they were fairly large.

Thanks to the hostess for this month’s SHF, Melly of One Messy Kitchen, and to Jennifer, the Domestic Goddess, who created this event. I’m guessing the entries will all be delicious.

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