Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Kitchen, My World: Jamaica

This week for My Kitchen, My World, we traveled to Jamaica, courtesy of Laura (One Happy Hubbard). While I have been to several Caribbean countries, I have never been to Jamaica. It’s on my travel list, though. Several months ago, Tony Bourdain ( No Reservations), showcased different aspects of Jamaica, so if you have a chance to catch repeats, it’s worth watching.

My daughter and I love jerk seasoning. I guess that just yells Jamaica, doesn’t it? Too bad that she missed the Jamaican dinner, though, since I made it the day she flew back east.

I always keep a jar of this jerk seasoning on hand that I get at Cost Plus World Market.

Usually, I use it on pork chops, but this time I focused on chicken, marinating it for about one hour before sautéeing. I also soaked some dried red beans, cooked them, and then mixed them with some leftover rice for the side dish. It was a truly delicious combination.

While jerk-flavored dishes seem to be most popular, check the blogs at My Kitchen, My World for other possibilities. Thanks, too, to Susan for a great event.


sefa firdaus said...

I want to try to make the jerk seasoning from scratch, I hope I'll be success.
Good idea to mix rice and red bean, sounds delicious. Thanks!

NKP said...

You have really covered the classics! You can't go wrong with jerk chicken and rice and beans.

Michelle Dargen said...

Yum! Chicken, rice, and beans is such a great dinner. It looks fantastic!