Tuesday, May 16, 2023

BBB: Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Buns


This month, our Kitchen of the Month is Aparna, of My Diverse Kitchen.  Aparna asked us to bake a very interesting bread:  Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Buns, a popular street food that is both sweet and savory.  It is a delicious bun filled with cream cheese and dipped into a garlic butter sauce.  Who knew that a sweet garlic-flavored filling would taste so good? 


This was a straight-forward recipe to make, with good results.  I passed on the panko crumb topping, but that would add an extra crunch.  I also didn't refrigerate the leftover buns (bad me), but I'm still here so I wasn't poisoned.  Next time I would refrigerate and reheat them as needed.


For the recipe, head over to Aparna's blog.  If you feel like joining in, send your link and photo to Aparna by the end of May.  Also, take a look at what the other Babe's did.





Karen said...

These look perfect! I did use the panko and really liked it. Glad you survived, lol!

hobby baker Kelly said...

Lol, you have a healthy immune system! These were a surprise for sure, who knew.

Elizabeth said...

Those look perfect!! I like how the cream cheese is desperate to ooze out and escape.

(What left over buns?!)

Katie Zeller said...

Leftovers? Surely only briefly so they were fine. The look delicious!