Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TWD: Oatmeal Nutmeg Scones

Have I mentioned before that we are scone lovers? It's a good thing, too, because this is the second recipe in a row for some tasty scones.

As the name implies, these are chock full of oatmeal and nutmeg.

Saturday night I blended the dry ingredients and the butter together, so that on Sunday morning, I just had to add the wet ingredients and bake. Next time I will prepare them ahead and freeze them, so they can be popped into the oven at a moment's notice.

Before baking, I brushed them with buttermilk and sprinkled a bit of sugar on top.

Delicious for breakfasts or snacks!

This week's hostess was Patricia of
Life with a Whisk. You can find the recipe on her website.

Once you've baked these scones, you can settle back with a cup of tea and read the stories from the other Tuesdays with Dorie bakers.


Cindy said...

I put half my dough in the freezer for company this weekend, Scones are good food.

Flourchild said...

Darn you just reminded me I forgot to sprinkle sugar on top. I usually sprinkle the big crystals on top..oh well they were still yummy! Your scones look great! I loved this recipe and will make them again!

Mary said...

I like the sound of the sugar on top--I forgot to do that! I've been enjoying these breakfast recipes, but it looks like it's back to desserts. It's a tough life over at TWD.

Cakelaw said...

I am a scone lover and enjoyed these too. Freezing in advance is a great idea.

Nicole said...

Yours look really great! Mine are flatter and didn't retain their shape, but they taste good. I added dried apple to mine.

Unknown said...

We really liked these scones too - I wish I'd thought to make extra for the freezer! Yours look delicious.