Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TWD: Maple Cornmeal Biscuits

Because of this recipe, I finally had to open this monster bottle. The only place it fits in the fridge is in the largest door shelf, with the handle turned a certain way. It's going to last a long, long time, so unless I decided to decant it into smaller bottles, I will just have to get used to losing the space.

When I was visiting my older daughter in Nebraska last summer, her husband, who is from New York, had remembered to bring me some maple syrup after a visit back home. While I didn't expect to receive such a huge bottle, I'm pleased because I don't have to ration syrup for a long while.

Science in action:

The biscuits came together easily and we ploughed through most of them for breakfast.

The remainder slowly disappeared throughout the day.

The touch of maple was just the right amount of sweetness. Definitely a repeat here.

This week's hostess was Lindsay of
A Little Something ... Sweet. She'll have the recipe posted on her blog.

While you're munching on one of these biscuits, stop by the Tuesdays with Dorie website to see what the other bakers thought.


Cakelaw said...
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Cakelaw said...

Beautiful biscuits Judy. You'll be able to make pecan pie with the maple syrup now - yum!

Chaya said...

It was nice having the biscuits around to steal one, whenever a bit hungry.

Tia said...

that is one massive bottle! the size of a milk jug - wow you better find a chockload of maple syrup recipes soon! lol

Cindy said...

The biscuits were perfect. I think we will make them often. I have just recently discovered Pure Maple Syrup--where have I been the last 45 years?? Way out west.
I have a yummy recipe on my blog called Crispy Granola--it uses maple syrup, so yummy. Have a great day.

Nicole said...

I liked the subtle sweetness of these biscuits. Mine got a little burnt, but the flavor was good. That's quite the bottle of maple syrup. I thought the bottle I had was big!

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

That bottle is ginormous! :) So glad you guys enjoyed these - they were great!

Mary said...

Yum--that's about a year's supply of syrup for me! When you get tired of dessrts, try poaching eggs in it--it's fantastic! Really. I have a recipe on my site. Your biscuits look great too. Glad you enjoyed them.

Jules Someone said...

Loved these! I had to wrestle some away for the kids so we could have them for breakfast.

cakeflower said...

I love that huge jug!! Thanks for baking along with me.

TeaLady said...

My My but that is a lot of delicious maple syrup.

good excuse to make TONS of these delicious biscuits.