Thursday, October 14, 2010

Daring Cooks: Stuffed Chard Leaves

Our October 2010 hostess, Lori of Lori’s Lipsmacking Goodness, has challenged The Daring Cooks to stuff grape leaves. Lori chose a recipe from Aromas of Aleppo and a recipe from The New Book of Middle Eastern Food.

I've been waiting for awhile for an excuse to try stuffing chard leaves. With October's Daring Cooks challenge, the time had come.

For my filling, I combined uncooked rice, some garbanzo beans (slightly mashed), toasted almond slivers, diced dried apricots, lemon zest, lemon juice, parsley, paprika, salt, and pepper. (As I recall.)

Then, I stuffed the blanched chard leaves and placed them in the pan along with some water and a splash or two of red wine.

The results were delicious, and turned out to be good either hot or cold.

Thanks to Lori for an inspiring challenge. Other Daring Cooks actually used grape leaves, and few stuffed cabbage leaves, so be sure and stop by the Daring Kitchen to see the results. If you want the recipes, go over to Lori's blog.


Marisa said...

This looks so pretty with the rainbow chard you used! Good call.

FamilySpice said...

I love how you used the chard leaves. They look great!

Lisa said...

Judy, what a fantastic idea to use swiss chard, and boy do they make a beautiful roll with those red veins! I love the nutty-fruity rice filling too. I am going to have try your recipe! Beautifully done and so creative!

TeaLady said...

Interesting dish. I have never stuffed chard leaves. Cabbage, yes. Peppers, yes. Looks tasty.

Emma said...

Please make this when the girls and I come to visit in Jan. It looks incredibly yummy.