Thursday, October 14, 2010

BB: East Hampton Clam Chowder

Here's another Barefoot Contessa hit. Clam chowder.

Or, my version, tuna chowder.

It was thick and rich and delicious. Definitely something I will make again.

The recipe can be found in the Family Style cookbook. I substituted chicken broth and albacore tuna for the clam juice and clams, and either way it's a delicious chowder.

Beginning in November we will be cooking from Ina's newest book, How Easy Is That?

Laura from Family Spice chose the first October recipe. The final one, at the end of the month, will be popovers. Then, it's on to new territory.


FamilySpice said...

I'm glad you liked the chowda! I never would have thought to have used tuna.

Lori said...

I love the kind of clam chowder that you can stick your spoon into and it will stand up. That looks like a perfect soup for me.