Thursday, October 28, 2010

BB: Mutant Popovers and Soup

For the last Barefoot Blogger recipe for October, we tackled popovers, always an exciting thing to watch bake, like pita bread.

This time I used custard cups for the baking vessel instead of the usual cupcake/muffin tin. As I watched them bake (through the glass viewing screen), I was fascinated by the lop-sideness of them. How does that happen?

Guess I'll have to make them again. I made just a third of the recipe since there are only two of us, and four seemed to be the right amount. They are quick to make, so I'll be re-making them soon. The recipe can be found either in the Parties! cookbook, or on the website.

For lunch today, I made Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Curry Condiments. This soup looked and sounded so delicious that I wanted to give it a try.

I halved the soup recipe. First, I roasted one butternut squash, one apple, and one onion.

When the vegetables were very soft, I poured them into the food processor and pureed them with some chicken stock.

I put the puree in a saucepan, added some curry powder, salt, pepper, and more chicken stock to thin out the soup.

The toppings were toasted unsweetened coconut, sliced scallions, chopped cashews, and some chopped banana. This was a terrific combination of flavors.

The soup recipe can be found in the Back to Basics cookbook and probably online.

In November, we started using Ina's latest cookbook, How Easy Is That? I can hardly wait.

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