Monday, August 9, 2010

NFR: Walking across Virginia

Mea culpa.

I should have posted this last Friday, but I've been suffering from blog-writer's block for a few days.

I'm slowly walking my way across Virginia. I breezed through Williamsburg and Jamestown; I'm following some river right now. Slow and steady.

My longest walk was last Wednesday. That was opening day for our county fair and also dollar day. Instead of parking close and paying $10, I parked in the downtown parking garage for free, then walked the 15 minutes to the fairgrounds, where I stood in a quick-moving line, and got in for $1.

This year I entered two different cookies in the fair, so I was curious how they fared. One of the two received an Honorable Mention, so I was pleased with that. I ran into some friends in the Home Arts Building, so we chatted for awhile before moving on. I spent two hours, total, at the fair, seeing what appealed to me, then I left and walked back to my car.

Next week I'm going to increase my daily walking goal. Each mile walked is a piece of fabric earned, and I'm doing fairly well. I've chosen a quilt design and will go through my stash this coming weekend to select the fabrics. Time to start the process.

At the rate I'm going, I'm wondering if I'll make it to the next state by September.

Check out Tallgrass Prairie Studio for event information.

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Megan said...

Are you seriously walking across the state? Inquiring minds want to know!