Monday, August 16, 2010

NFR: Fitness Friday on Monday

Still in Virginia this week. While I'm exceeding my weekly walking goal, perhaps I should increase it by a half mile so I reach Kentucky before 2012. To keep track of my distance, I always wear a step counter. It's a spiffy one that calculates steps as well as mileage. It also serves as my watch until I find a new one.

At one point, I crossed the Chickahominy River. What a cool name! I want to make a chicken and hominy dish just to celebrate, as soon as I can replenish my hominy supply. For some reason, the grocery store was out of hominy.

I've also begun pulling fabric for my quilt. I've started with the yellows and oranges. Now I have to figure out in what manner I'm going to piece them, possibly random-sized strips. I want something rather free-form.

We've been having sunny mornings lately; I'll be glad when the fog returns. Not only is it wonderful walking weather, but spider webs turn into jewels with the drops of fog highlighting each strand.

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