Monday, August 30, 2010

Barefoot Bloggers: Mixed Berry Cheesecake

Down to the wire it is.

The final recipe for August's Barefoot Blogger is Mixed Berry Cheesecake.

You will, no doubt, notice the lack of said Mixed Berries. As pretty and as tasty as they may be, we, in this household, prefer our cheesecake plain. Chocolate or marble are also acceptable; but no toppings.

We want to taste the Cheesecake, after all!

Since I began this blog about three years ago, I've made more cheesecakes than I can count. Each one contained a slightly different set of ingredients, and each one had different baking requirements. I still have one more recipe that I want to try. The recipe calls for baking the cheesecake overnight.

I must say, however, that Ina's cheesecake is super delicious. And well it should be since it contains a ton of cream cheese and several chickens' worth of extra-large eggs. It's also nice and lemony, just the way I like it.

The only issue I had was with the graham crackers. What exactly constitutes a graham cracker? Is it one little section, a half of a big cracker, or the whole thing that you pull out of the wrapper? I ground those crackers and measured them, and noted that 1 1/2 cups equals one entire package plus two big crackers from a second package. (I also miss the waxed paper packages that were much, much easier to open and still kept the crackers fresh.)

Except for the funny-looking sunspot pattern on top, it came out perfectly. (Maybe that's why you add the fruit, to cover the spots. Heck with that. They add character.)

The cheesecake had to sit overnight in the refrigerator. Sheer torture. I came this close to having cheesecake for breakfast on Sunday morning. Let's just say it was a lunch appetizer. (After all, I did have to photograph it when the light was at its best, right?)

In the spirit of saving calories, arteries, and waistlines, I sent a third of the dessert over to my neighbors, who adore cheesecake. It's always nice to share.

As for me, I'm into delayed gratification. One more post to compose, then it will be time for No Reservations and a slice of yummy cheesecake. Maybe a tad bit larger than the one below.

Thanks to
Nathalie of
Snowbell Jewelry for having us try another cheesecake recipe. You can find the recipe here, and if you can brave the amounts of cream cheese and eggs, you will have one might fine cheesecake to gobble down.

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Vickie said...

We don't have graham crackers here, I usually use a biscuit (cookie)called shredded wheatmeal or gingernut cookies. I usually buy 5 packets or so and process all of them and then place them in a freezer safe container and freeze them just like breadcrumbs. Then I scoop out what I need and put the rest back for next time. I noticed your cheesecake didn't crack like mine did and it cracked badly, good thing I had the fruit to cover it all up.