Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TWD: White Chocolate-Raspberry Brownies

Wishes do eventually come true.

For months, one of our TWD members has been hoping that someone would choose Dorie's White Chocolate Brownies. At last, thanks to Marthe, of Culinary Delights, that day has come.

Baking these brownies has not been without controversy, however. Most everyone, it seems, experienced difficulties while baking this dessert. The center would end up being undercooked. Some bakers tried more than once to get it right.

Unlike the others, I didn't have any baking troubles. My philosophy is that I control the cooking/baking, not the other way around. I consider suggested baking times as guidelines. Sometimes baked goods are finished early; sometimes they need to remain in the oven longer.

As 30 minutes rolled around, I studied the baking brownies. The center was still depressed, so I knew at once that it was still liquid. I kept re-setting the timer for 8 minutes, for a total of 24 more minutes beyond the suggested time. At that point, I could see that the center was puffed nicely, the meringue was light brown, and my cake tester was coming out clean.

When the brownies had cooled completely, I carefully removed them from the pan using the foil liner for leverage. It is a very delicate dessert, but it was cooked all the way through (see top photo).

Even though the recipe says brownies, this dessert is really more like a cake. It's pleasant enough, and I would think other berries could be substituted for the raspberries. For those rare people who don't like chocolate, this would be a nice offering.

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Paula said...

I couldn't agree more about your baking-times philosophy. I always find it a challenge when writing recipes since there are so many variables--oven temps, temp of ingredients going in, pan size, etc.

Yours look like they turned out good!

Tia said...

yum... the colors and presentation look fantastic!

mine morphed into Salty/Sweet Brown Butter Frosted Brownies!


chocolatechic said...


I redid mine completely.

mike said...

So true - this was a baking/time challenge! But the end result looks fantastic! NIcely done!

Sihan said...

you sounds like a baking maestro! congrats on getting them cooked all the way through. Lovely for non-chocolate lovers i agree.

Cindy said...

There are so many fun flavors going on here! I thought this was delish.

Leslie said...

Wow, they look great! You're right, these would be a good treat for people who don't like chocolate.

Kayte said...

Yours look beautifully done. Love those red raspberries. Thanks for the tips.