Saturday, May 29, 2010

BB: Grilled Herb Shrimp

The second Barefoot Blogger recipe for May was Grilled Herb Shrimp, a most delicious treat for the upcoming grill season.

I had planned to cook the shrimp on my new grill, but since I was the only one home for this meal, I didn't think it was worth while to fire up the grill for 3 minutes of cooking time. My daughter did taste one as she flew out the door, pronounced it delicious, and asked me to make this recipe again. High praise, indeed.

This is truly a simple recipe to prepare and cook. The shrimp have lots of flavor after marinating in the herbs and garlic, and can be paired with any kind of side dish. Even canned green beans, my emergency vegetable when the fridge is bare.

Thanks to Penny from
Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen for a lovely choice.


Kayte said...

This is soooo good...I think I have cooked Ina through and through. One of our favorites. LOL on the green beans...for years and years my husband would only eat the canned ones as those were the kind his mother always made and he thought the fresh ones were too weird and too hard as he liked the softness of the canned ones. Now he will eat both, but canned green beans are always in the pantry here as well!

Leslie said...

I wish I could try these! I'm allergic to shellfish and had to skip this one (though I've seen a few variations, including chicken, so it may get made yet).