Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TWD: Cherry-Cherry Bread Pudding

I confess.

I like bread pudding.

I like apples, cooked or raw.

This week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was Apple-Apple Bread Pudding. Sounds like a great fit, right?

The thing is, I have a daughter who doesn't like cooked apples and I had no apple butter in the pantry.

So, I checked the Playing Around section and discovered cherries. Yes. I did have cherry jam in the pantry, the first cherries of the season were beginning to appear in the markets, and we all like cherries.

I sent my daughter out to buy cherries. She came home with a big bag of beautiful cherries.

They cost $17.

Were they made of gold?

No. She didn't realize I had a grocery club card, so she paid full price.

A lesson learned.

I only needed a small amount, since I was thirding the recipe.

I spread the brioche slices with cherry jam, placed them in the cooking vessel, added the sauteed cherries, then the remaining brioche.

I heated the milk/cream in the measuring cup (to eliminate one extra pan), then added it to the beaten egg and sugar mixture. Instead of vanilla, I used almond extract. It was then poured over the brioche/cherry layers and allowed to rest.

After baking for nearly an hour and a half, the bread pudding was ready to cool down a bit.

Finally, it was ready to eat. Oh. Yum. This bread pudding is so delicious! Even my daughter devoured it. Perhaps I should have only halved it.

Luckily, I still have a large bag of cherries and half a loaf of brioche. Once I find some more cherry jam (soon), I will make this again.

This bread pudding was brought to by Elizabeth of Cake or Death? Marvelous choice. If you want to try the recipe yourself, go to Elizabeth's blog. For more bread pudding comments and variations, head over to the TWD blog.


Paula said...

I can only imagine how yummy your version was. I used cherry butter myself and loved it!

Leslie said...

Oh yum! I bet it was great with cherries. Too bad they cost so much, though!

Hindy said...

Cherries and almond extract - what a delicious combination. Well done!

Mary said...

Those are some expensive cherries! Your pudding sounds fantastic, though. I'll have to try this one when cherries are in season here.

Flourchild said...

WOw does that look great. It would be perfect on a day like today in Idaho..cold and rainy!

Engineer Baker said...

Oh wow, that sounds fantastic! Cherry and almond is always a good combo. As for Bakersfield, I'm taking part in a huge air quality field study, and it's one of the sites for it.

The Food Librarian said...

Oh, this looks delicious and rich (as in expensive...$17!) :) Glad everyone liked it too! - mary

Charli said...

The cherry version sounds divine! I might have to make that next...

Liz said...

Yum! I just bought some cherries for the first time this season and I can imagine them being awesome in bread pudding. (Still too expensive for me to do much baking with, though!) Glad you liked the recipe!

TeaLady said...

YUM!! on the cherries. They are on sale here for just a little, so may have to try with the Bings.

Looks delicious.