Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Out of commission, temporarily

After a soggy, three-day stay in Disneyland last week, my dear younger daughter decided to share her nasty cold with me.

I cannot breathe or smell or taste at the moment, so cooking/baking is temporarily on hold until the wee virus-laden beasties go away. I feel badly about missing deadlines for TWD and Daring Bakers, but will do my best to play catch-up soon.

Two Julia recipes are ready to be posted, hopefully by week's end. The remaining baking projects will be forthcoming when my energy level increases.

I can, however, still enjoy everything vicariously through everyone else's blogs.

Disneyland was fun, but exhausting. Because of the rain, we didn't have to battle crowds or wait in long lines. We became experts on rain ponchos. And some of us ended up like this:

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Megan said...

Oh jeez - sorry to hear you got sick - and after a vacation, no less!

Get better soon - have some soup - I'm sure you have several vats in your freezer!