Friday, January 15, 2010

BB: Indonesian Ginger Chicken

Our first Barefoot Blogger recipe for 2010 was Indonesian Ginger Chicken, chosen by Todd of A Cooking Dad. This was similar to the recent Daring Cooks challenge in that we marinated the chicken in a mixture of honey and soy sauce and literally a ton of garlic and fresh ginger.

I halved the recipe for two of us, and used boneless chicken thighs instead of a whole chicken. After the chicken marinated overnight, it was easy to pop it into the oven and bake it. I also put in a pan of vegetables to roast at the same time, making it a really easy dinner to fix.

While this was a delicious meal, my daughter thought it was way too sweet, and I tend to agree with her. I make a similar marinated chicken dish with honey, but use only a tablespoon or two at most, and it is perfectly balanced.

I’m curious to read what the other Barefoot Bloggers thought about this one.

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Kayte said...

Am intrigued by this, haven't tried it yet, and I am an INA DIEHARD, think I have done almost everything she has, but I thought, too this was too much sweet with the savory when I was reading it...what do you think, should I give it a try? Love all the ingredients and yours looks lovely.