Saturday, September 19, 2009



Sometimes baking and cooking challenges produce such delicious results that you just have to bake/cook them again.

Case in point: the Russian Black Bread from early in the month.

I really loved the flavor of this bread, and since my rye starter was happily bubbling away, I decided to make a more user-friendly-shaped loaf before I relegated the starter back to refrigerated hibernation.

The dough started out looking like this:

But ended up looking like this:

This bread makes the best sandwiches.

Sorry, but no photos of the 'wiches -- they get eaten too quickly!

This week there were also repeats of the Flaky Apple Turnovers and the Yellow Curry Sauce.

For the turnovers, I used the remaining scraps of dough and the leftover apple filling. These turnovers are just too delicious. I will certainly make these again and try out different fillings. Lemon comes to mind at the moment.

The yellow curry was a tremendous hit. I whipped it up quickly on Thursday night and just served it over rice. Now I need to replenish my supply of dried coconut milk, and perhaps even keep some canned milk in the pantry.


Madam Chow said...

I've been eating up the black bread with salmon and a parsley dill sauce - delicious! I have to agree, it is one awesome bread!

NKP said...

They look great! I love that you made them in loaf form for easy sammies.