Thursday, September 10, 2009

BB: Birthday Sheet Cake

The first September challenge for the Barefoot Bloggers was Ina's Birthday Sheet Cake, chosen by Susy of Everyday Gourmet. I made this yesterday afternoon and took half of it to work with me in the evening, where it received rave reviews from everyone who had a piece.

I'm glad I didn't read any reviews prior to making this cake, because the lemon zest in the cake was delicious, adding just the right amount of zing to a potentially bland cake. The frosting was rich and tasty. It was a bit runny, but firmed up nicely when refrigerated.

I also only made half a recipe, using an 11x7 pan. Next time I will use one that is 9x13, which I think is a better fit for half the batter. Either way, you just have to pay attention while it's baking rather than depend on time alone.

If I bake it again, I might also frost it with a lemon icing, since I feel that the chocolate frosting, while delicious, overwhelms the delicate flavor of the cake.

For other, and possibly different, opinions. head on over to the Barefoot Blogger site.


Foodiewife said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the cake. I seriously toyed with making a lemon butter cream, but decided to make my own chocolate butter cream. I agree, though...the chocolate overpowered the lemon zest, which I love.

NKP said...

Looks tasty! I am with you - the more lemon the better!

Madam Chow said...

I love Ina, but I have mixed feelings about her baked goods. Some recipes are a hit, others I'd give mixed reviews to, like you do with this one. I must say, though, that no one has ever stopped eating the treats I thought weren't too good!

Megan said...

Lemon zest in the cake, along with lemon icing sounds like a perfect combination. In fact, I'll have to find that recipe since David's coming home from Italy on Monday, and lemon cake is his favorite.

I love the sprinkles you used!

Anonymous said...

Yum. This looks delicious and easy. I think this is my fave type of b-day cake.