Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TWD: Butterscotch Pudding

Even though most of the Tuesdays with Dorie Bakers are posting about cheesecake today, I am writing about butterscotch pudding. I'm not really that perverse (oh, wait, yes I am actually, but that's not the reason). I wrote about my cheesecake last week. To be honest, I wish I still had some because it was an awesome dessert, one of my all-time favorite cheesecakes.

Now, on to the pudding, which I have dedicated to my friend, Megan. This one is for you, Megan!

First, let me say that everyone like the pudding, which I made for Christmas dessert. On the negative side, I thought it was very mild, not heavily butterscotchy, and I have made real butterscotch pudding before, so I have a food-memory for comparison.

Second, call it blasphemy, but I used Irish whiskey, since it was all I had. Even so, I had to beg the 2 tablespoons from my daughter. You see, she turned 21 on the 15th, and her knitting gang (yes, 40 to 50-year-old knitters comprise a gang, especially this particular group) decided to hold a slumber party to celebrate her milestone birthday and welcome back the two 21-year-olds, home on winter break. So, my daughter, because she legally could, stocked up on Guinness, beer, and alcoholic spirits for the party. Not even these hard-core knitters could drink it all, so my liquor supply has now increased in size. But the whiskey is still hers. And she's protective. Hence, the begging for 2 tablespoons.

And, in the end, I could barely taste the whiskey in the pudding. Maybe actual scotch would have been stronger. Maybe I just need to add more.

Back to the pudding. I read that recipe at least a dozen times, and each time I thought, "You've got to be kidding, right?" Pan, food processor, pan, food processor, pan. It's just a pudding for heaven's sake (or similar words to that effect)!

So, with Megan on my mind, and my perversity shining through, I made the pudding my way. Would you be able to tell the difference? Not a chance.

First, I put all the dry ingredients into the saucepan. Then I mixed all the wet ingredients together, except for the vanilla, whiskey, and butter. I combined the drys and wets and cooked the mixture until it thickened. Then I whisked in the small bits of room-temperature butter, and finally, added the flavorings, whisking like a mad woman. (Not really, but it makes a good story.)

While the pudding chilled, and Christmas dinner finished cooking, I toasted some pecans in butter and added a pinch of salt. At serving time, I plopped some freshly whipped cream on top of the puddings and sprinkled on the nuts.

Shall I tell you that we all licked our bowls?

I ended up with only one dirty saucepan and one dirty, large measuring cup. That's it. No frills, no spills, no mess.

My second complaint, though, about the dessert was the toasted pecans. They were really good, but once I ate one, that's all I could taste. The delicate flavor of the pudding was lost. So, for the last remaining pudding, which was all mine, I ate it au naturel and savored the deliciousness of the butterscotch/whiskey flavor.

Next time I make it, and there will be a next time, I will experiment with different spirits and see how they compare.

So, whether it's cheesecake or butterscotch pudding, be sure and browse through TWD for some delicious desserts.
For the record, the pudding was chosen by Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews, & Suitcases.

**Just as an added note, butterscotch (the original stuff) has nothing to do with scotch. It's a mixture of butter and brown sugar, used to make candy, sauces, and puddings. The 'scotch' part comes from the process of cooking (scorch) or from cutting the hard candies (scoring). Feel free to indulge.


Engineer Baker said...

I commend you on your rule-breaking in this case. Pan, FP, pan, FP drove me NUTS. Lucky you to only have one pan dirty through the entire process.

Megan said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Go read my post.

Sherry Trifle - Lovely Cats said...

That pudding looks lovely and smoothe. Maybe rum would make an interesting flavoring - I use it quite often. Gosh, what a knitting circle your daughter's in - wish I knew one like that!

chocolatechic said...

It was extremely mild.

I was disappointed.

Christine said...

We licked the bowls on this one too! Looks delicious!

The Food Librarian said...

Looks great!!! I love the whipped cream and pecans on top too. Happy New Year!

NKP said...

The Scotch in ours was very strong.. maybe the whiskey wasn't as powerful..
It looks wonderful, and good for you for figuring out a way to avoid all that back and forth!
Happy New Years to you!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to go back and try this one, especially if I can cut down the mess.

Anonymous said...

How funny!

Happy New Year!

Nancy/n.o.e said...

We used scotch and it was subtle but good (we added it with the cooked cream) We all licked the bowls too. And I made the pecans but I thought they detracted. LOVE the knitting circle sleepover for your 21 year old and the history note!!