Thursday, December 11, 2008

BB: Coq au Vin

For the month of December, the Barefoot Bloggers have some tasty dishes to prepare. The first one is Coq au Vin, chosen by Bethany of this little piggy went to market. Mine turned out so well that I would consider serving it to guests.

I did substitute boneless chicken thighs for the whole chicken. Frankly, in this house, no one eats drumsticks, so that would be a waste, and I'm the only one who eats thighs. I use them quite a bit for braising-type recipes. One package from Trader Joe's gives me three meals, so it's a good value. I also left out the pearl onions. I don't object to them, and I even have some in the freezer, but when I last used them (I believe it was Ina's pot pie), I discovered they were unpeeled. That doesn't appeal to me (maybe pun intended).

I made sure the chicken was thoroughly browned before adding the liquid ingredients. That develops the lovely flavor and keeps them from turning purple. My only complaint, and a minor one at that, is that the liquid never thickened much, even after the addition of the beurre manie. (The dog had no complaints when I spooned some over her dry food.)

To sum up, I would recommend this dish highly. Other Barefoot Bloggers may or may not disagree, so head over to the blog and check out their comments.


Megan said...

I haven't made this yet - but it sure looks good. Based upon your recommendation, I'll make sure the onions are peeled first!

I'll bet the dog licked her bowl clean after you put the gravy in it. I'm surprised she didn't push you out of the way to get more!

Anonymous said...

Looks good. I enjoyed making this recipe. My broth didn't thicken up much either.