Thursday, November 27, 2008

TWD: Twofer Pie

I just finished washing the dishes. It took me three times as long as usual (40 minutes) to do them all, and I didn't even have Thanksgiving at my house! I hate to think . . . . My wonderful neighbor invited me over to share Thanksgiving with her and her family. Her 10 year old son made the pumpkin pie, his first ever. He didn't tackle a crust this first time, but that didn't matter because the filling was delicious. Hopefully, he'll keep cooking.

For me, it's been a two-pie 24 hours. What am I to do with 2 pies? Exercise a lot, I guess.

First, there is Dorie's Thanksgiving Twofer Pie, a combination pumpkin pie and pecan pie. I didn't have any real issues with this pie except for having to cook it an extra 25 minutes, and although it tastes fine (actually even better cold the next day), it won't replace my standards. I like my pumpkin pie DARK and SPICY. In fact, on this one I cheated just a teensy bit and threw in extra spice. Someday I will bake my standard pumpkin pie and share it. It makes your mouth tingle.

As for the pecan pie, I've already written about my favorite, and it is no contest. As good as this one is, I like my other two better, so I will stick with them. But I appreciate being given the opportunity to test-drive a new one, thanks to Vibi of
La casserole carrée.

(Warm slice)

Now, I wasn't disappointed, mind you, just underwhelmed. It is interesting to see how the other TWD bakers felt about it as well, so check out their blogs when you have a free hour or two.

(Chilled slice)

Pie # 2 is coming up soon.


Marthe said...

Too bad you're not as enthusiastic about this pie as I was. Then again I must say I never had either a pecan or a pumpkin pie, so I have no comparison.

Megan said...

I'm waiting for the other pumpkin pie recipe...........

I liked this pie, although I must admit to being a purist, keeping everything separate.

chocolatechic said...

It looks fabulous!!!

Engineer Baker said...

I grew up with Libby's pie, so the idea of a dark and spicy pumpkin pie intrigues me... Your twofer looks wonderful though.

Kimberly Johnson said...

Your pie looks beautiful! Too bad you weren't overly enthused about it.

Linda said...

Your pie looks fabulous!

I'm in the same camp with you --- i like the molasses and spice and felt that the filling lacked umph.

Heather B said...

Your pie looks great! I was a little underwhelmed with the pie as well. I much prefer plain pumpkin or pecan.