Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lasagna and an Award

Right off the top, I want to thank Natashya for giving me the Kreativ Blogger award. I’m not sure what I did to deserve it, but I will do my best to live up to its reputation. Everyday I am inspired by the blogging community, both food-wise and personally.

There has been an abundance of recipes for butternut squash lately. It must be that time of year. Since I had some leftover squash from an earlier recipe, I decided to make one of our favorite dinners: Butternut Squash and Hazelnut Lasagna, from my copy of Best of Gourmet 2002. (For the recipe, please use the link to Epicurious.) I did downsize it by a third since there is only me to eat it at the moment, but it is a great dish for entertaining.

The flavor combination of butternut squash and toasted hazelnuts is delicious, especially layered between lasagna noodles and a bay-infused bechamel sauce. It’s also a great vegetarian meal that is satisfying for everyone.

I’m still working on the meme questions. Being an analytical sort, I’m probably over-thinking everything, but I will post it during the coming week.


NKP said...

It took me a while to answer the questions too. :)
I love lasagna, it is one of the great comfort foods. Butternut squash and hazelnuts sounds amazing!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Love Butternut! Hazelnuts sound like a natural pairing!
Butternuts are making the rounds lately, I've been working with one myself.
Really like that Hazelnut idea.