Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Barefoot Bloggers: Herb Roasted Onions

Ah, today. Just another normal day in the ‘hood.


Best laid plans and all that.

You see, having had a busy Monday and Tuesday, I had hoped to get caught up on work today. Yep. Just a quiet day, get my quota done, settle in to watch the new season of Top Chef (one of the cheftestants is a local guy! Root root root)

But no. I had gone up to the kitchen to fix lunch, around noon. As my lunch was thawing out, I stepped to the living room window to check out the scene. Is that a strange car parked across the street? Must. Get. License Number.

Oh, wait. What the heck is that? Let’s see, 8 police cars (3 unmarked), 2 canine units, one ambulance, one fire truck. Something must be going on. . . .

Two hours later I came back in the house, trying to refocus on work and lunch.

Any guesses? That’s right. The police hit the drug house this morning, complete with bullet-proof vests, firearms, battering rams, canines, the whole she-bang. While I missed the initial entry, I was able to join my fellow conspirators neighbors to see much of what transpired. While this may only be the first of many hits, the police scored a notorious drug dealer and a quantity of substances. Even as recently as tonight, several more suspects were nabbed. Apparently, the grapevine is out of commission, so even though clients are showing up to an empty house, they aren’t getting away.

And, can you believe there’s a 5-year-old girl living with all this? Mercifully, the police timed the raid while she was in kindergarten, and the grandparents took her home from school, but my word. . . .

Now to the task at hand. Onions.

Kelly from Baking With The Boys chose the first recipe of November for Barefoot Bloggers, Herb Roasted Onions. These were simple to prepare and delicious to boot. I served them with roasted chicken thighs and roasted potatoes – everything cooked together (separate pans lined with non-stick foil), so there was minimal clean up and minimal effort. I highly recommend them as a side dish. I probably should have made more, since I had leftover chicken, and when I reheated it tonight, I really wished I had onions to reheat along with it.

(I did have a green vegetable to go along with everything else, so it was a balanced meal.)


Suzie said...

Wow - the most dramatic food post I have read in a long time. I hope the little girl is OK. I loved the onions too - and I was lucky enough to have some leftovers!

NKP said...

Good Heavens!
No shortage of drama on your street. Well, let's hope that's the end of them.
Onions look great - we loved them too. Although so far we have loved everything from Ina!
(just to let you know - I see a lot of code on your site - don't know if it is just because of my computer(?))

chocolatechic said...

Way to go.

I so would have been outside too.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Thanks for the shot of adrenalin so early in the morning sort of makes the herb roasted onions feel calming.
Wonderful to know that things really do work.
I really like the looks of these onions.

Anonymous said...

I'm the daughter of a cop. You did the right thing... thank goodness for people like you and your neighbors to have organized a sting on the place. Shut 'em all down, I say.

Glad you liked the onions... I made the full recipe and I swear there were like 3 slivers left when we finished dinner.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds more exciting then when I lived in Oxnard!

Good to here they nabbed the bastards!

Megan said...

Your post was better than the news channel this morning!

Oh, and the onions were great, too!!

Anonymous said...

What a CRAZY morning. Glad you liked the onions.

Anonymous said...

Wow, better than CSI! Loved the onions too.

Andrea at Nummy Kitchen said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad that you are okay with all that comotion going on across the street! Yikes! Your onions look great and I love the idea of an easy to clean dinner thanks to the foil. Glad you enjoyed them :)

Becky said...

That was dramatic! Glad you liked the onions. We did, too. Now I'm anxious to try the soup you chose.