Monday, September 8, 2008

Cheesy flatbread

Over the weekend I made a delicious mushroom soup, and even though I halved the recipe, there was still enough for two dinners and one lunch. (The soup will be discussed in a future post.) Sunday night I decided to reheat the soup for dinner and I wanted something interesting to accompany it.

I decided to make some simple flatbread with cheese. Two things led me in that direction. First, I had seen the recipe in the July 2008 issue of Cooking Light, and second, Carrie had given it a try a few weeks ago.

So, after I had returned from my promised task to dump a 10-year-old boy into a dunk tank, I started the bread. It is a simple and versatile recipe. When the dough was ready for shaping, I divided it into thirds, put 2 of the pieces into freezer bags, and rolled out the remaining piece.

I decided just to sprinkle it with grated cheese (Quattro Formaggio from TJs) and bake it until the cheese was golden.

Couldn’t be easier. Now, whenever I get hungry for either a quick small pizza or just a bread accompaniment to a meal, I can thaw one of my frozen flatbread doughs and be on my way.

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Anonymous said...

great idea to freeze some!