Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Inside Out Coconut Buns for the Babes



Our Kitchen of the Month for August is Aparna, of My Diverse Kitchen.  Aparna asked us to make Inside-Out Coconut Buns, a delicious sweet roll with a buttery coconut filling.  


The initial proofing took a bit longer than the recipe said, but the rolls, themselves, rose within the specified time limit.  I checked out different shaping techniques and settled on this twisty one with swirls of filling peeking out from the roll.


I tried to limit myself to one bun at a time, so it’s a good thing the recipe only made six!  I loved the sweet dough and the yummy coconut filling.


Go to Aparna’s website to get the background story for these rolls as well as the recipe.  They are fairly straightforward to make, so it’s well worth it to set aside some time to create such a delicious treat.




hobby baker Kelly said...

I think we all chose the twists! Beautiful shaping for sure, these were treats, definitely.

Katie Zeller said...

Your buns are beautiful!

Karen said...

Well done and gorgeous color!

Elizabeth said...

The colour of the crust is stunningly beautiful! Well done! (No pun intended....)