Monday, November 22, 2021

Swedish flatbread



Our November Kitchen of the Month was Kelly from A MessyKitchen.  Kelly asked us to make a Swedish  flatbread, Hällakakor, which required a special rolling pin and a super hot oven (baking stones beware!).   Instead of the rolling pin, I chose to use a fork to dock the dough.  Other Babes were very creative for the docking process.

I also chose to add crushed anise seeds to the rye/whole wheat dough.  The other choices were  fennel or caraway seeds.  Instead of honey, I used some golden syrup for a change.

Once again, I had issues with the dough.  It just wasn’t right.  This time I was pretty sure it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t the yeast, since I had been baking other breads with success.  While I was rolling out the dough, my analytical side kicked in, trying to figure out the problem.  I think it was a moisture issue, meaning not enough liquid in the dough, which was very dry.  Were I to make these again, and for future doughs, I will definitely pay attention to the look and feel of the dough regarding added liquids.  I think this may have made a difference with the final dough.

That said, the flatbreads came out just fine, and no equipment was damaged in the process.  The uneaten ones were safely placed in the freezer for future consumption.


Stop by Kelly’s website to get the recipe, with photos,  and join the Buddies for a flatbread feast.

And, you must visit the other Babes to see their Hällakakor.





hobby baker Kelly said...

Really love the look of these with the good old fork docking! I used golden syrup too, so tasty.

Karen said...

I definitely added more liquid to mine.

Elizabeth said...

Well, incorrect amount of liquid or not, your bread LOOKS good. I love those bubbles. And excellent forking.

(I have no idea how much extra liquid I added to my ultra-dry dough. I added a good shot of both water and the whey that had formed in our yoghurt container.)

Aparna said...

Your Hallakakkor look lovely. They've bubbled up perfectly. Just goes to show that one doesn't really need all that fancy stuff. ;D