Friday, October 16, 2020

World Bread Day 2020: Chocolate Tahini Challah Buns


As the saying goes, so many bread recipes, so little time.  Once again I’m delighted to participate in World Bread Day, 2020 edition.  I’ve baked some new breads this year that I really love.  One recent one was SweetTahini Rolls from Falastin.  Because I had already posted it on Instagram, I decided to try a similar bread from a different source.  I came across a recipe for Chocolate Tahini Challah Buns from Smitten Kitchen, so that is my entry.

My one tip pertains to the filling.  Make sure it is cool before spreading on the dough.  If it is too warm, it will be too liquid, and ooze out; but, if it is too cold, it will be too solid and tear the dough.

Both kinds of rolls were delicious, especially if you enjoy the flavor of tahini.  They also freeze well, so when I’m hungry for one of these buns, I can take one from the freezer and warm it up for a special treat.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the different kinds of bread in this year’s roundup.  Thanks to Zorra for hosting such a delicious event.


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zorra said...

They look delicious and thank you for the tip with the filling. Thank you for participating in WBD!