Friday, October 16, 2020

Bread Baking Babes: Runzas


The October Kitchen of the Month is Kelly of A Messy Kitchen.  When Kelly challenged us to make runzas, I knew it sounded vaguely familiar.  Upon checking one of my more recent cookbook acquisitions, Midwest Made, by Shauna Sever, I found the recipe.  Runzas are a savory hand pie, found mainly in the Midwest.  They are also called bierocks or krautburgers.  The Volga Germans, who settled in Nebraska, Kansas, and the Dakotas brought these meat-and-cabbage filled sandwiches with them.

In typical Babe fashion, I decided to use this particular recipe because it called for half the amount of yeast (not that I have anything against yeast).  For the filling, I went with well-drained sauerkraut along with onions and ground beef.  Because I had the time, I took my time in preparing and shaping the rolls.  All went smoothly.  Once they were out of the oven and cool, I tried one immediately; then for the sake of my waistline, I put the others in the freezer for a future, emergency/quick meal.

This was a great baking/cooking challenge.  Not only were they easy to prepare, but I have extras as well.  Hope you join in this month. You can find the recipe on Kelly’s website.  Send your results to Kelly at A Messy Kitchen by the end of the month.





Karen said...

I know what you mean by "for the sake of my waistline." These kept calling my name from the refrigerator! I used Shauna Sever's recipe too.

hobby baker Kelly said...

They look great! The shape varies between runza and bierocks anyway and pirozhki are made in the torpedo shape too. As long as it tastes good!

Elizabeth said...


I have Shauna Sever's book on hold at the library. I know what you mean about "sake of my waistline" too. So much butter in the dough!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Beautiful shape and color. It would seem we all used Shauna Sever's recipe. That dough is marvelous.
Great Bake Judy. Yes we do have to respect the waistline issue.

Katie Zeller said...

I definitely would like the sauerkraut.... loads of flavor!

Cathy (Bread Experience) said...

I love the torpedo shape and filled to the brim with filling. Looks great!