Monday, April 4, 2011

TWD: Coffee Ice Cream Tart

This week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was Coffee Ice Cream Tart. There was considerable discussion about this on the P&Q Board. In light of that, I chose to bake the tart as indicated in the recipe.

First was the almond-based pastry crust. Using the food processor, it came together just fine and went into the tart pan just fine.

Next came a thin coating of dark chocolate on the baked crust.

The filling was a blend of coffee ice cream (one of our favorites), almonds, and almond extract. This became somewhat problematical, since my food processor balked at the coldness of the ice cream and seized up. Who knew? Rather than melt everything, I decide to leave pockets of nut paste in the ice cream and hope that the FP would recover. (It seemed to.)

Finally, came the fun part: flinging melted chocolate everywhere -- on the pie, on me, on the counter, on anything that was in the near vicinity. I'm still finding bits in unlikely places.

Cutting the tart was somewhat challenging, but after brainstorming different methods, I found the right solution -- a hot, sharp knife, poking into the crust first, then sliding through and across the cut to detach the piece. It was also easier to just pick up the piece of tart and eat it out of hand rather than chance sending it flying when trying to cut it with a fork or spoon.

While I'm glad I had a chance to make this in tart form, I believe it would work better made into small, individual tarts or ice cream sandwiches. No one really likes to struggle eating dessert.

This week's hostess was Jessica of
Domestic Deep Thought.

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Jessica said...

Beautiful! Your tart really looks great! You're right, I bet this would be fabulous as individual tarts. Thanks for baking with me!

Kayte said...

Oh, that drizzling job is so very good...I cannot drizzle to save my need to venture over to see this week, you will just lose all respect for me. Yours looks great. You know, so many people had trouble with the crust but mine was just fine, not sure why but it cut great and was easy for Mark to eat, hmmmmm....go figure.

Cindy said...

You have one mean drizzle! Love to drizzle, kind of like splatter painting in kindergarten. I agree, eating out of hand was the way to go. A little casual but better than a flying dessert slice.

spike. said...

looks beautiful despite any problems actually eating it!

Nicole said...

I just figure a messy kitchen is the price to pay for a good drizzle. I didn't get to make this week's tart, but yours looks great!