Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TWD: Almond Powder Puffs

These bite-sized cookies are very similar to traditional Mexican Wedding Cakes/Russian Tea Cakes, which are frequently-baked cookies in this household. The major difference seems to be less butter (my recipes use two sticks) and a pinch of cinnamon -- barely detectable except by the Taste-Tester Daughter.

Usually I use finely chopped, toasted pecans. This time, I chose finely chopped almonds for a change, adding some almond extract along with vanilla.

They were good. They disappeared in a flash. But, we both agreed that we like my regular recipes better. My daughter was definitely not a fan of the pinch of cinnamon.

This week's hostess is Tia of
Buttercream Barbie. Visit her blog for the recipe.

Please do stop by Tuesdays with Dorie to read about the other bakers' opinions.

(Assuming you are reading this on Tuesday, posting day, I will inform you that I am once again without electricity for the whole day. At least the electric company was kind enough to inform everyone ahead of time. However, I won't be able to read other posts until evening. And, to soothe my distressed feathers, since I can neither work nor bake, I'm heading to IKEA for the day.)


Cakelaw said...

Your cookies are perfect little snow balls - so pretty!

Flourchild said...

Bummer about the electiricity being out..but IKEA sounds like a fun way to spend some time!!
Your cookies look great. I ate way to many of them..they just melt in your mouth and I swear there like eating potato chips..one after the other!!

Anne said...

Your cookies look perfectly shaped, I would love to see your favorite recipe!

Tia said...

^i'm with anne - I'd love to try your recipe too!

Nicole said...

Yours look really perfect! Mine were pretty crumbly but they tasted so good.