Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TWD: Great Grains Muffins

The first recipe for February is Great Grains Muffins, chosen by Christine of Happy Tummy. Something quick and simple is just what I need right now. It helps, also, that these muffins are versatile and delicious.

Knowing the preferences of this household, I only added some toasted pecans to the batter.

Cooking time was exactly 20 minutes. The muffins had a nice golden top and were cooked through, but not overdone.

Learning from the previous muffin recipe, I made a full batch of 12 this time. I'm certain they will disappear very quickly!

Stop by Christine's blog for the recipe, as well as the Tuesdays with Dorie website to read about everyone's opinions and experiences.

Next week is Bourbon Bread Pudding. No way I'm going to miss that!


Cakelaw said...

Your muffins truned out great Judy. I thought about adding nuts, but then was too lazy after having already chopped dates.

Mary said...

They look great--next time I'll have to add some nuts, but I went with blueberries this time.

Kayte said...

You got yours to dome. I made them twice and they didn't dome either time...yours look great that way. Wonder what I am doing wrong...oh, well, there is no problem with them being eaten as they disappeared faster than I thought possible.

Pamela said...

Very pretty, Judy!

Flourchild said...

Golden and delicious! They look wonderful! Im glad you liked this recipe..it's worth making again!

Tia said...

nice texture! - nice job Tia @ Buttercreambarbie