Monday, January 24, 2011

TWD: Scrumptious Disappearing Muffins

How about that muffin!!

Oh, wait. That's the arch at Los Cabos.

I'm back from the cruise, and ready to cook, bake, and eat, although it's a wonder after seven days of non-stop eating and pampering. I'll be playing catch-up for awhile, with both food and work. At the same time, I will diligently walk the dog and borrow my daughter's hoop (as in hula) for much needed workouts.

First item of business: Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, with a few changes.

Since my lemons aren't quite ready for harvesting, I used one of my blood oranges. First off the tree! It's not very dark, and you can just see the red color starting to form. The longer on the tree, the redder they get.

As luck would have it, I bought new poppy seeds over the holidays. On the down side, my sour cream was rumply, green, and fuzzy. Ooops. So, I substituted vanilla Greek yogurt that my older daughter had bought before our trip. (Those muffins were so good, I might just keep using Greek yogurt!)

The only other mistake I made was to make half a recipe. Six. They didn't even last 18 hours.

I wish I had one right now.

C'est la vie.

For the recipe, stop by Betsy's blog,
A Cup of Sweetness. Since I'm a tad bit late with these, you'll see something else on the Tuesdays with Dorie blog this week. Once I replace the sour cream, I will be back in business again, at least for a few weeks.


Kayte said...

Love the sound of the changes you made...must bookmark this to try as they really sound good and I love any of the citrus flavors. Oh, I am so envious of that cruise vacation!!!

Jacque said...

Ooh, fun, a cruise! I've heard they are all-out eating fests.

Your muffins look perfect! How lucky you are to have citrus trees. That sounds so cool.