Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TWD: The Devil Made Me Do It

I'm a bit late with today's Tuesdays with Dorie post because I ran out of milk on Sunday and it wasn't replenished until late last night. So, I decided to wait and make the chocolate shortcakes during daylight hours.

Please tell me, how can a dough that is so sticky and tar-like make such a feathery-light little cake? (ha ha, tar and feathers)

I tried using an ice cream scoop to form the cakes, but the dough was so viscous that it popped the little slidey thingy right out of the scoop. I finished dishing with a spoon.

Anyway, this batch went directly to the freezer, hence the closeness of the dough dollops.

The baked cakes turned out nicely.

Instead of using them for shortcakes with fruit and whipped cream, I chose to take one of Dorie's suggestions and turn them into brunch biscuits, spread with whipped cream cheese and some cherry butter.

Now, that's what I call breakfast!

Devilish Shortcakes were chosen by Tania of Love Big, Bake Often. More shortcakes can be found at the TWD website.


Cakelaw said...

These turned out well for you Judy. I agree that the dough was incrediby sticky - I ended up scooping it in to the measuring cup with my hands - eww! I like your thinking on the breakfast idea.

Hindy said...

Chocolate for breakfast - awesome idea! Cream cheese is the best addition I've seen for these.