Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TWD: Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake

First, let me say: YUM.

Second, let me say: Not Enough Coffee Flavor!

There was discussion among the bakers about the coffee: was it safe for children, would they get a caffeine high, would it ruin the taste . . . .

Come on, now. It was a 1/4 cup, negligible, not enough to notice. Purpose? To enhance the flavor of the chocolate, which it did nicely.

Be brave. Try it first, then decide.

That said, on to the cake.

It's a lovely, moist cake. The nuts are so finely ground that they, also, are barely noticeable.

I just left it plain. For company, I would dust it with powdered sugar, but for private-use, it is delicious as is.

I love the marbling. I keep cutting slices so I can see the different patterns.

My daughter is flying home from New York as I write this. There may actually be a piece left for her.


For the recipe, visit Erin's blog,
When in Doubt…Leave it at 350. This cake was her choice for this week's baking. Many of the TWD members baked this cake, although some switched with last week's coconut tea cake. Both are delicious cakes.


Jencrafted said...

Great marbling! Just like you, I wanted to cut into every piece to see the marbly swirls but stopped myself - I know where those cut pieces will end up!
Your Bundt cake looks wonderful!

Amanda said...

Looks like it turned out fabulous!

Kayte said...

Your cake is so pretty...inside and out...the marbling is just beautiful! I always hesitate on alcohol in recipes b/c I have a child (A) who is adopted and there is alcoholism on both sides of his birth family. We were advised just not to use it or have it around b/c if you have someone with the preclivity for it in their genetic makeup, it will surface sooner. The taste of it, not the fact that it is alcohol, is what lures them apparently originally. I don't think coffee is the same thing probably, but I never use alcohol when I know A is going to be eating it, too. Great job on the cake!

Pamela said...

Your cake looks great! The marbling is just fantastic. Hope your daughter got to try some, too.

Anonymous said...

Your marbling is beautiful :)