Thursday, March 4, 2010

TWD: Toasted-Coconut Custard Tart

My coconut tart was slightly delayed this week, but all for a good cause.

Yes, I am swamped with work and debated whether to take the time to make this, but Wednesday evening was my last shift at the library, and I had promised my coconut-loving friends and co-workers that I would make this tart as my farewell gift to them. Besides which, my daughter is not a big coconut fan, and I certainly don't need to consume the entire dessert by myself.

The recipe stated that the tart is best served the day it is made, so that meant Wednesday. It also meant sacrificing some work time for a good cause and a much-needed mental break.

I decided to use my rectangular tart pan for a change.

The custard filling came together easily. Once again I used my technique of mixing all ingredients together, then cooking them until thickened. I also added a few drops of coconut extract along with the vanilla and rum. I personally did not detect much rum flavor, so when I make this again, I might consider adding a few drops of rum extract as well.

I also used unsweetened coconut. I swear by this now. Using the unsweetened version cuts the cloyingness that results when that over-sweet stuff is used. I made converts last night.

Finally, just to dress it up a bit, I piped on the whipped cream, then sprinkled the top with more toasted, unsweetened coconut.

The verdict?

To die for.

Only one small piece remained, which I split with my neighbor this morning after our walk. It was only fair, after all, since she lent me her styrofoam container for last night's transport.

Thanks goes to Beryl of Cinemon Girl for a most delicious choice. You can find the recipe on Beryl's blog. Other TWD bakers were very creative with this dessert, so be sure and check them out, too.


Susan said...

Yours turned out beautiful! I have to get a rectangle tart pan. This didn't last long at all at my house!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous tart! I wish I'd added some coconut extract; I think it needed it.

Kayte said...

I need to get one of the tart pans shaped like this...putting it on my Christmas list as I think tarts made in them, both savory and sweet, look fantastic. Your piping skills with the topping is just lovely. So pretty!