Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TWD: Razzzzzberries

Sometimes, even in the middle of a huge project, a gal just has to bake. Clears the cobwebs from the brain.

Eating chocolate doesn't hurt either.

This week's Tuesdays with Dorie adventure was the Soft Chocolate and Raspberry Tart.

Heavenly soft chocolate.

First, I prepared the crust, adding in some almond meal. This crust is easy to prepare and very delicious. If it wasn't for the chocolate filling, I would have just eaten the crust by itself. It's like a huge shortbread cookie.

Next, I sprinkled on the raspberries. Even though they aren't in season, I found a nicely-priced pint at the local grocery store.

The chocolate ganache filling came together quickly and easily. I changed only one part -- I combined the cream and the butter in a measuring cup, then heat them to boiling in the microwave before adding the mixture to the melted chocolate. That saved one pan.

The final result:

This tart is delicious when it's still a bit warm, and even tastes fine the next day. I sacrificed by taking all the corner pieces and side pieces, saving the middle parts for my daughter. What can I say? I love the crust!

Thanks to Rachelle at Mommy? I'm Hungry for a great choice. I've read that other TWD bakers will be substituting different fruits for the raspberries, so it will be interesting to see how their tarts turn out.


Mom on the Run said...

Um...Holy Yum! This looks soooo good. Nothing beats raspberries and chocolate!

Susan said...

Love the square tart. And, I would have sacrificed and eaten the corners too! :)

Unknown said...

ooooh, this is me drooling. I love raspberries and chocolate!!!

Kayte said...

Such fun to see it all prepared in a different style, shape pan. Love the looks of that one. I kept thinking my raspberries would melt down or something and I wouldn't see them, but they didn't, so am happy to see yours poking out as well. Love the dish it rests on...the topping makes it look really special.