Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BB: Sausage-stuffed Mushrooms

Ah, so much to post, so little time.

Before I wax poetic about mushrooms, let me say that a certain chocolate cheesecake will be forthcoming, probably before the end of the week. The ingredients are present; time isn't. Yet.

Now, back to the current topic.

The last Barefoot Blogger recipe of the year (really?) turned out to be Sausage-stuffed Mushrooms. They make a lovely appetizer, or a light snack, and they are quick to prepare.

They don't photograph particularly well, being all browns and such. I chose to use Stuffing Portabellos rather than white mushrooms, because the portabellos (or mature creminis) have such a meaty, substantial flavor. Did you know that the name portabello was just a marketing ploy, akin to kiwi fruits? Apparently, the name made the plain brown mushroom seem more exotic, and thus easier to market and sell. Taste alone would have done that for me.

Anyway, while I did bake the mushrooms for the requested 50 minutes, I thought it was just a tad bit too long. Next time I will cut back to 45, maybe 40 minutes. Even so, every bite was delicious.

This recipe was chosen by Michelle of Welcome to the Club. Be sure and stop by Michelle's blog for the instructions.

I'm looking forward to the 2010 selections now.

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