Thursday, December 10, 2009

BB: Croissant Bread Pudding

The first Barefoot Blogger recipe for the month of December was a super-delicious, easy-to-make bread pudding.

Made with croissants, eggs, half & half, and dried fruit, this treat was chosen by Peggy from Pantry Revisited.

Due to the richness of the ingredients and the fact that there are only two of us (both croissant lovers), I chose to make only one third of the recipe. Good thing, too, since 2 of the 4 croissants disappeared soon after arriving home.

In lieu of raisins, I decided to use dried sour cherries. They add a nice tartness that balances the richness and sweetness of the bread pudding part.

Because it requires a fair amount of time to bake, I made the pudding for last night's dessert. It turned out that I was the only one home for dessert, so with great restraint, I only ate half.

Tonight, I can truthfully report that this bread pudding is every bit as delicious cold and straight from the refrigerator as it was at room temperature the night before.

I suspect it might even be gone before morning's light.

This recipe is definitely worth the time to make. Stop by the other Barefoot Bloggers to see if they agree.


NKP said...

Delicious! I love the addition of the sour cherries.

Peggy said...

First, thank you for cooking along with me this week! I think the sour cherries sound delicious. We thought the pudding was just as good the next day too! Have a wonderful holiday and happy baking!