Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TWD: All-in-One Holiday Bundt Cake

Lucky for me that November's TWD posts can be all mixed up. With my copious amounts of free time (not), it made life easier to bake all these yummy things out of order.

This week, instead of the luscious molasses cookies, I tackled the Holiday Bundt cake. It was actually made in time for Sunday's National Bundt Cake Day, but, of course, I had to stay mum until today.

I only made one teensy change to the cake. In an act of subterfuge, I grated the apples instead of dicing them, since I wanted my cooked-apple-hating daughter to eat and enjoy the cake, unaware that her nemesis was contained within. Ha Ha! Success!

I also put a fairly thick maple syrup-flavored glaze over the top. (That's my favorite part. Call it maple and I'm all over it.)

Both the texture and flavor of this cake improves with time. The grated apples provide moisture without a lot of texture since they practically melt into the cake itself. The cranberries add a nice tang, and the nuts give it a crunch. The pumpkin is a subtle flavor, mainly adding color.

Thanks to Britin of The Nitty Britty for choosing a nice, festive cake for the season. Wander over to the TWD site to see all the delicious November offerings.


chocolatechic said...

I almost shredded my apples.

I put some cream cheese in my maple frosting.

Megan said...

Hey that's a great(grate?)idea!!

Since I'll be taking the cake to the vet's office, I think it will look nicer without chunks of fruit showing. Some people are funny about that.

Flourchild said...

Your cake looks so good! I love the frosting. I made the cookies this week!

Nichicakes said...

Good idea on grating the apples, I like cooked apple but a big hunk of soggy apple within something cakey kinda gives me the heebiejeebies... I was going to leave them out when I made it but now I will grate them!

HilaryDEI said...


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Pamela said...

Yeah...next time I think I will try grating the apples, too. I chopped them very small, but I like the grating idea. And that maple glaze looks fantastic!

Hindy said...

Your cake looks delicious! Lots of glaze is always a plus.

Michelle said...

Love the maple frosting. Just a little bit of maple makes so much difference. I also like to add a tsp or so of some of the Monin Flavored Syrups to my frostings.