Friday, June 26, 2009

BB: Gazpacho

The final June recipe for Barefoot Bloggers was chosen by Meryl of My Bit of Earth. She selected one of my favorite dishes, gazpacho.

I've been enjoying this cold soup since I was a child, and over the years, have created my own tasty version. Ina's recipe is similar to mine, except that I add some oregano and diced avocado. Also, I don't put everything in the food processor. I just finely chop the veggies.

For the tomatoes and cucumbers I dropped by the Wednesday Farmers Market and stopped in at my favorite local tomato stand. The growers have a wonderful selection of tomatoes from which to choose, as well as Persian cucumbers, one of my favorites.

Yesterday, however, the power company decided to shut off everyone's electricity here in our area, which meant a day where I could neither work nor bake. Frustrating at best. So, I made the gazpacho early in the morning, before the electricity disappeared, so it would be ready for a quick dinner when the power eventually came back on. It's the reason I'm also posting a day late.

While I thought this gazpacho was delicious, I think it would be improved by adding the oregano and avocado. There are so many versions of gazpacho in the culinary world, that it would be fun to try them all.

Stop by the other BB cooks to read about their experiences.


Megan said...

No power? No cooking? Computer time?

Yikes! That sounds like an emergency!

Eva said...

I'm impressed! I am pretty worthless if I lose power.

Anonymous said...

I hope your power is back on!

Gazpacho with avocado sounds like it would be delicious.