Monday, June 29, 2009

Anniversary Pizzas (BBD21)

This month we're celebrating a special anniversary: Bread Baking Day is two years old! Thank you, Zorra, for creating such a fun and delicious event. I always look forward to the challenges.

So, in honor of this great occasion, Zorra has invited us to a pizza party. I'm bringing two kinds of pizza this time, one chosen by me, and one by my daughter.

For the crust, I used the recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day. It seems I've been trying out quite a few different pizza dough recipes this year, and this is the latest endeavor. I really did like the flavor and texture of the crust, and because it's easy to make and handy as all get out, I envision more pizzas more often in our future.

For my first pizza, I was inspired by a recipe I found on Michael Ruhlman's blog. This is a terrific breakfast/brunch pizza, with bacon, asparagus, cheese, and eggs. While I followed the topping recipe pretty closely, I would suggest these changes: more asparagus, cut into edible sizes; more bacon, also cut into smaller pieces; and possibly more cheese. I loved this pizza a lot.

My daughter's topping was based on a pizza she had back in New York State on a recent visit. It consists of green peppers, mushrooms, bacon, and cheese. This also was a most delicious flavor combination.

It's a tie for the favorite, since we devoured them both.

For BBD#21, I'm sending along these two pizzas.

Happy Anniversary, Zorra! Happy Bread Baking Day! May there be many more.


Kayte said...

Oh, do those ever look delicious! You have quite the way with cooking and photos...makes me want to jump in the photo and eat! They look very very good.

NKP said...

Yum, they do look totally delish. I am in the mood for a brunch pizza now. And I agree, ABin5 is great to have around for pizzas and quickie breads. I am looking forward to their next book.

TeaLady said...

All of those look great.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

It's incredible how wonderful an egg can be on a pizza!! That would have to be my choice between your two.

Anonymous said...

YUM! I love homemade pizza. I've been wanting to make one with eggs.

Megan said...

Mmmmm - pizza. Although I am more the anchovies and extra cheese type of girl, both of your versions look fantastic.

zorra said...

Wow, even 2 pizze! Both look delicious, can't decide which could be me favorite.

Madam Chow said...

Those pizzas, especially the egg one, look delicious. I love a runny yolk!