Friday, May 29, 2009

BBB: A Knotty Problem

It's time once again for the monthly Bread Baking Babes Buddy event. May's challenge was courtesy of Ilva in Italy, Pane di Pasta Tenera Condita (Italian Knot Bread). The real challenge turned out to be finding a few key ingredients for these knots, specifically lard and 00 Italian flour.

I knew where to get the flour, but there was no time if I wanted to meet the deadline.

The lard, I figured, would be easier, but I struck out on that as well, even after searching through several grocery stores in town. I'm sure it's here somewhere, so I'll keep looking. Meanwhile, I substituted shortening for the lard and a blend of AP flour and cake flour for the 00.

The rolls turned out great. We had them for dinner tonight, along with scrambled eggs.


I would say that the dough had doubled, wouldn't you?

Balls are resting.

Now we're ready to roll.

What technique!

(Thanks to camera-proficient daughter for lending a hand.)

On the rise:

On the rack:

Thanks, again, Babes, for letting us play along.


Ilva said...

They look incredibly perfect! And Thank You for joining us!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

What technique! Beautiful rolls Judy.
Love that you had scrambled eggs for dinner. I love breakfast for dinner.

NKP said...

We are big fans of breakie for dinner too. Great buns Judy!

Megan said...

Got any extra? I could sure use one right about now!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Beautiful rolls, Judy! You did a great job with the knotting. Rolls and scrambled eggs for dinner sounds perfect!

Unknown said...

Those knots look so yummy! I love fresh bread.

Anonymous said...

Your knots look great. I bet they were delicious.

Kayte said...

Those look great and I appreciate the little photos showing me exactly where I went WRONG. I made these, but read the recipe wrong and it went downhill from there. I didn't post them as I tossed them all in the garbage, but I am going in again (armed with new ability to actually read correctly) this weekend and try again. Oh, and just so you know, 2/3 cup of water is NOT interchangeable with 2.3 cups of water...LOL. You get something like a pretzel with my version, only completely inedible...LOL.

Karen Baking Soda said...

~Lovely knots and a wonderful pic presentation. I love step by step like these. Great job!

Madam Chow said...

Yours turned out great. My knots came out a little flat. I went with the butter, too.