Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An Amazing Event

Number Two daughter, Sophia, also known as OTT when home from college, has never shown much interest in learning to cook.

You do it so well, she says.

You are missing a golden opportunity, I reply. Just look at your older sister.

And then, last week, strange words emanated from Sophie’s mouth. Uh, maybe you could show me how to cook a few things while I’m home this summer.

Did I hear correctly? I was somewhat amazed.

Well, Monday afternoon, I was showing Sophia some cute puppy photos on Anna’s blog. En route to the puppy photos, we scrolled past a photo of really, yummy-looking chocolate chip cookies.

Stop! she yells. That’s what I’m hungry for! I’ll even help bake them.

How could I resist an offer like that? I even made a special trip to the grocery for the chocolate chips, no matter the cost of gasoline. (Do I seem desperate here?)

So, after dinner, I handed her the recipe and asked her to choose which part she wanted to do, and which part she wanted me to do. It was a simple recipe, so I didn’t anticipate any problems for a first-timer. After looking it over, she said, I want to do it all myself.

Whoa…… Alrighty then. I’ll be around if you have questions.

So, Sophia baked her first ever batch of cookies, all by herself (age 20+), and with only a few questions. (Does packed brown sugar really mean you pack it down? Yes.) (Try a wooden spoon. It’s easier.) (See, it says only baking soda. That’s right, isn’t it? This is right, isn’t it? Yes.)

The final result would do any baker proud. The cookies looked perfect and tasted even better. My daughter is welcome (encouraged) to make these anytime, and I will make sure there is a perpetual supply of chocolate chips in the pantry to help her out. I’m glad I got the photos I did, because they disappeared very quickly. Maybe this is the start of baking efforts to come?

Thanks to Anna of Cookie Madness for an easy, delicious cookie recipe. If it wasn’t for Lizzie, it might have taken longer to give them a try!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations to Sophie on her first batch of scratch cookies. What's kind of cool is not many other college kids will have her "secret" oil only recipe.

Of course now she can move on to the butter ones if she feels like it, but this is a good start.

Thanks for sharing.

Rigby said...

The cookies look delicious :) May this be the beginning of many culinary adventures!

Megan said...

What a cute story - and how lucky your daughter is to have such a great cook in the house to teach her!

Anonymous said...

I am truly thrilled for you and for your daughter. My mom didn't have to hope that I would develop an interest in cooking; I always had it. I thank heaven that she had the desire and the patience to teach me things a bit at a time.