Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We’ve been having a heat wave here in southern California. The inside of my house has been over 100° F for the last four days (few people have air conditioning here). I am sad to report that I have two casualties, directly related to the hideous hot weather.

My sourdough starter turned pink.

My barm turned gray and little round fuzzy things began growing on the surface.

They both smelled like something out of a gym locker room.

To lose one is bad enough, but to lose both of them at the same time is nigh on heartbreaking. So, there will be no sourdough products from here for awhile. :(


Anonymous said...

Oh Judy,

I'm so sorry for you loss :-(

When it gets that hot, I try to give my counter guys a break and not bake with them and toss them in the fridge to stay cool.

Sending you some starter love my dear.

ostwestwind said...

Sorry to read that! My starters have to stay in the fridge and just come out for refreshing over night.

Anonymous said...

No air conditioning? What part of So Cal are you in? I lived in the SF Valley for 20 years - and I couldn't have survived with the a/c!

BTW - I made pastry cream last night - used a different recipe, but your method - and it came out PERFECT! Thanks!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oooo so sorry. Haven't had that happen to loose a starter or barm but it's probably inevitable at some point.
Heat is not my friend and we've heated up here plenty. But there is air conditional otherwise I'd just be a puddle.
Hope you can get one up and going.